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/docus What to watch? Free and full-length documentaries on YouTube from original sources like the BBC, ABC News, Vice, ARTE and Netflix. Best docus on YouTube. Free docus. Full-length from original and truthworthy sources.
/mantra The best motivation matras and quotes for your personal growth hacking.
/memento Memento Mori. Visualize your passed time and your (possible) remaining future here on earth.
/movies What to watch? The best and most popular movies of the last years by TMDb ratings. And curated lists about different topics and streaming platforms.
/news The news of our world in a clean interface. Simple and fast RSS-reader for important news sites without pay-walls and adblock-block.
/series What to watch? The best and most popular series of the last years by TMDb ratings. And curated lists about different topics and streaming platforms.


/base64 Base64 Image Encoder/Decoder. Convert Base64 data-strings into images and vice versa.
/browser Quick and simple browser user agent search. What is my user agent? What is my browser?
/cookies Quick cookie checker. What cookies do a website have?
/dns Check DNS records (A, AAAA, NS, TXT, CNAME, MX, ...) of any domain.
/fetch Create a full page screenshot and fetch website infos like http-headers, linked scriptes, stylesheets and meta tags. Fetch via proxy servers from all around the world.
/ip What is my IP address? IPv4 address lookup and geo location service. Fast port scan and Whois via ASN and DNS PTR record lookup.
/json This JSON Beautifier creates a clean formatted JSON String with proper indentation and syntax highlighting. Maybe the best JSON Formatter and JSON Highlighter online.
/outages Outage monitoring for major websites.
/ports Online IP Port Scanner. Online Nmap. Fast port scan for IP address. IP Open Ports. Network Mapper
/speed Simple website speed checker. Renders the website with headless Chrome and returns metrics from performance api.
/str Encoder, Decoder, string converter and hash generator and hash converter. Get different hashes like MD5, SHA-1, ROT13, Base64, Urlencoded, ... and transform strings or count words and chars in strings.


/commodities Latest quotes and historical charts of important commodities like Gold, Silver and Crude Oil.
/crypto Exchange rates and latest news for the most popular crypto currencies in ðŸ’ĩ.
/etf Clean and simple ETF charts for the most important stock indices like NASDAQ, S&P 500 and MSCI World, MSCI ACWI and MSCI EM.
/finsym Finance symblols search engine. Lookup names and symbols of stocks.
/forex Forex. Current exchange rates for major currencies in ðŸ’ĩ.
/sankey Sankey Charts
/savings Savings Calulator. Calculate the growth of your wealth if you save money regularly including interests and compound interests.
/stocks Latest quotes and historical charts of interesting technology stocks.


/distance Get the distance between two coordinates. Click on the map, or enter lat/lng-pairs into the input boxes.
/latlng World map. Search for lat/lng of the largest cities. Lat/Lng converter and geo location lookup service. Get coordinates and reverse geo-coding for any point by clicking on the map. Locate yourself with browser location api.
/locate-me Where am I? You are here! The "Locate me"-Util. Your location on a world map. Browser geo location lookup and address finder with Leaflet and Maptiler.
/weather The current weather and forecasts for the next 24 hours and 7 days.


/cal Simple monthly online calendar.
/clock World clock. World time with time zone offsets. What time is it in the world? Check the time in three different time zones and the relative offset in hours to your local time. What time is it?
/countdown Free Online Countdown! Set a short term countdown for seconds, minutes and hours. Simple and easy browser countdown with pause, resume and restart.
/date-calc Calculate date intervals between dates or relative from a day.
/dst Start and end of the daytime saving time in each timezone for the next years.
/holidays Public holiday calendar for the next years and "many" countries. Lists of regional holidays and national holidays. Feiertage in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
/stopwatch Free Online Stopwatch! Counts milliseconds, seconds and minutes. Digital browser stop clock. It allows you to add laps, breaks and export stops as CSV.
/timestamp Just another unix timestamp converter. Find and convert unix epoch time in different date/time formats in timezones. Easy, fast and free unix timestamp lookup. Calc unix timestamps. Search for unix time. Unixtime examples. Learn important timestamps.
/week Current week of year! Always looking up the current calendar week number? No Problem. Here it is! Find the calendar week numbers for the next years. Check dates, timestamps and daylight saving time of weeks.


/convert Convert units in other units. Simple.
/count Word Counter. Character Counter.
/dict Translate and discover more than 2 Mio. German and English words from Wiktionary.
/emoji Search 😂ðŸĪŠðŸĪĐ by name and group. Full Emoji list and Unicode Emoji search.
/img If you need a background image, logo or another image to test something. Create colorful images of any size and type that can contain gradients and texts.
/md2pdf If you just want to print your Markdown on paper. Markdown PDF Converter. Render your MD as a PDF-file with md2pdf. Convert md-text to PDF. Transform Markdown to PDF.
/mirror You want to look at yourself, but no mirror is nearby? Webcam test and browser mirror with filters and photo-feature. Webcam checker. Webcam mirror. Browser selfie.
/noise Free Online Noise Generator. Creates white, pink and brown noise to improve your concentration. Focus or relax. Noise masks and relaxing sounds.
/password This online password generator creates memorable xkcd-styled passwords that are also secure. Easy to use and sometimes funny. Free and secure password builder. Password creator for xkcd passwords.
/save Article Downloader and Blog Post Saver. Downloads the HTML of a website and creates a better readable markdown version that you could save for your local archive. Never lose a great blog post again!


/blog My own blog posts. Development, Tech, Stuff, ...
/links A public collection of funny, noteworthy and interesting links about science, technology, games and other stuff i like.
/readme Why does this site exist? Background-story, FAQs and release notes.