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/blog My own blog posts. Development, Tech, Stuff, ...
/docus Free and full length documentaries on YouTube from original sources like the BBC, ABC News, Vice, ARTE and Netflix.
/links A public collection of funny, noteworthy and interesting links about science, technology, games and other stuff i like.
/mantra The best motivation matras and quotes for your personal growth hacking.
/memento Visualize your passed time and your (possible) remaining future here on earth.
/movies The best and most popular movies of the last years by TMDb ratings. And curated lists from me around different topics and streaming platforms.
/news The news of our world in a clean interface. Simple and fast RSS-reader for important news sites without pay-walls and adblock-block.
/series The best and most popular series of the last years by TMDb ratings. And curated lists from me around different topics and streaming platforms.


/base64 Base64 Image Encoder/Decoder. Convert Base64 data-strings into images and vice versa.
/dns Check DNS records (A, AAAA, NS, TXT, CNAME, MX, ...) of any domain.
/fetch Create a full page screenshot and fetch website infos like http-headers, linked scriptes, stylesheets and meta tags.
/ip What is my IP address? IPv4 address lookup and geo location service.
/json JSON formatter, beautifier and code highlighter creates a clean formatted and better readable version of a minified JSON string.
/str String converter and hash generator. Get different hashes like MD5, SHA-1, ROT13, Base64, Urlencoded, ... and transform strings or count words and chars in strings.


/commodities Latest quotes and historical charts of important commodities like Gold, Silver and Crude Oil.
/crypto Exchange rates and latest news for the most popular crypto currencies in ðŸ’ĩ.
/etf Clean and simple ETF charts for the most important stock indices like NASDAQ, S&P 500 and MSCI World, MSCI ACWI and MSCI EM.
/finsym Finance symblols search engine. Lookup names and symbols of stocks.
/forex Forex. Current exchange rates for major currencies in ðŸ’ĩ.
/savings Savings Calulator. Calculate the growth of your wealth if you save money regularly including interests and compound interests.
/stocks Latest quotes and historical charts of interesting technology stocks.


/distance Get the distance between two coordinates. Click on the map, or enter lat/lng-pairs into the input boxes.
/latlng World map. Search for lat/lng of the largest cities. Get coordinates and reverse geo-coding for any point by clicking on the map.
/weather The current weather and forecasts for the next 24 hours and 7 days.


/date-calc Calculate date intervals between dates or relative from a day.
/dst Start and end of the daytime saving time in each timezone for the next years.
/holidays Public holiday calendar for many countries.
/timestamp Just another unix timestamp (epoch time) and timezone converter.
/week Always looking up the current calendar week? Here it is! Find the week numbers for the next years.


/convert Convert units in other units. Simple.
/dict Translate and discover more than 2 Mio. German and English words from Wiktionary.
/emoji Search 😂ðŸĪŠðŸĪĐ by name and group.
/md2pdf When you just want to print your Markdown. Render a PDF file with md2pdf.
/mirror You want to look at yourself, but no mirror is nearby? Webcam test and mirror with filters and photo-feature.
/noise Online Noise Generator. Creates white, pink and brown noise to improve your concentration. Focus or relax. Noise masks and relaxing sounds.


/1 All in one. The most important stuff on one dashboard page. Use it as your ad-free startpage! WIP.
/readme Why does this site exist? Background-story, FAQs and release notes.