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Updated: 2021-04-23 10:34

Sources: All | CNN | Huffpost

2021-04-23 10:07 | CNN
The remarkable story behind Michelle's perfect present for Barack

Eight witnesses and a confession from the real perpetrator couldn't save Valentino Dixon from being handed a prison sentence of nearly 40 yeas for a crime he didn't commit.

2021-04-23 10:04 | CNN
Bunny attends baseball game and everyone is in love with it

We've seen dogs at football games. We've seen cats at NFL games. We've even seen alligators at golf courses.

2021-04-23 09:34 | CNN
Barca isn't backing down over Super League

Ten of the 12 founding members might have officially pulled out of the European Super League, but Barcelona has reiterated its commitment to the idea.

2021-04-23 04:36 | CNN
NBA prospect Terrence Clarke dies in a car accident

Basketball player Terrence Clarke, who last month declared for the 2021 NBA draft after playing his freshman season for the University of Kentucky, died Thursday after sustaining fatal injuries in a car accident in Los Angeles, according to the Kentucky ...

2021-04-22 15:15 | CNN
Derek Chauvin: Guilty verdict is why sports stars won't 'shut up and dribble'

It isn't the end. It's just the beginning.

2021-04-22 14:45 | CNN
Has world football found its Greta Thunberg?

Seán McCabe is concerned.

2021-04-22 14:13 | CNN
Protests and demonstrations banned at 2020 Tokyo Olympics as Rule 50 upheld

The ban preventing athletes from protesting or demonstrating at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been upheld by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

2021-04-22 10:40 | CNN
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insists Super League isn't canceled, only on 'standby'

Despite a ferocious backlash and widespread condemnation, Real Madrid President Florentino Perez says the so-called Super League isn't canceled, only on "standby."

2021-04-22 08:05 | CNN
How the European Super League united football against the game's wealthy owners

As crowds gathered outside Chelsea's Stamford Bridge stadium, there was a moment -- almost like the flick of a switch -- when angry jeers turned to whooping cheers.

2021-04-21 16:01 | CNN
European Super League crumbles after majority of teams announce withdrawal

One by one, they began to fall.

2021-04-20 13:33 | CNN
She plans to shake up pro cycling

A bike can take you a long way quickly. As well taking you to new places and spaces.

2021-04-17 23:26 | CNN
How Hideki Matsuyama became Japan's new national hero

2021-04-17 01:29 | CNN
How Matthew McConaughey's wife 'injected' soccer into his blood

2021-04-15 08:53 | CNN
What happened next to Netflix's child golf prodigies

"How you like me now?" say eight sassy golf whiz kids into the camera, accompanied by the catchy tune of the same name in the Netflix documentary, "The Short Game."

2021-04-13 16:54 | CNN
The 4,000km skateboard journey across Oz

If you've been out driving on the eastern coast of Australia in the last few months, you might have seen Tom Drury. He would have been hard to miss, a 28-year-old with a droopy moustache and a backpack, cruising along by the side of the Bruce Highway. Cruising...

2021-04-12 16:05 | CNN
Matsuyama's caddie bowing respectfully to Augusta symbolizes emotional Masters win for a proud Japan

After winning the Masters, cameras were naturally trained on a visibly emotional Hideki Matsuyama as he took in the magnitude of his triumph.

2021-04-12 08:31 | CNN
Matsuyama wins Masters, becomes first Japanese man to win major

Hideki Matsuyama put together two brilliant closing rounds at the Augusta National to win the 2021 Masters.

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