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Updated: 2021-04-23 10:18

Sources: All | BBC | Guardian | CBC | Conversation | CNN | CNBC | Huffpost

2021-04-23 10:10 | CNBC
Stock futures point to a market rebound after concerns over capital gains tax hike prompted sell-off

Futures rose in early morning trade on Friday as investors prepared to end a down week for equities.

2021-04-23 10:04 | CNBC
Euro zone's economic recovery gathers pace in April with France returning to growth

Business activity in the euro zone expanded again in April, preliminary data showed on Friday, providing some positive momentum for the second quarter.

2021-04-23 09:51 | CNBC
Over $200 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market in a day as bitcoin plunges below $50,000

Bitcoin and other digital currencies plunged on Friday as U.S. President Joe Biden's proposed capital gains tax hike led to a wave of selling.

2021-04-23 09:02 | CNBC
Here are the highest-paying companies in the UK in 2021, according to Glassdoor

Jobs website Glassdoor ranks the highest-paying companies in the U.K. in 2021.

2021-04-23 08:34 | CNBC
India reports more than 330,000 new Covid cases, setting a fresh global record

As of Friday, India has reported more than 4 million cases in April and at least 24,452 people have died.

2021-04-23 08:32 | CNBC
India reports record single-day jump in Covid cases, with more than 314,000 new infections

So far in April, India has reported more than 3.78 million new cases and over 22,000 deaths.

2021-04-23 08:05 | CNBC
Singapore names new finance minister in cabinet reshuffle after setback in leadership succession

Lawrence Wong, current education minister and second finance minister, will helm the finance portfolio from May 15, the prime minister's office said on Friday.

2021-04-23 07:55 | CNBC
Climate expert calls on China and Japan to end financing of coal plants in poorer nations

Rachel Kyte, who served as a special representative of the U.N. secretary-general, says "coal has no place in the race to net-zero" carbon emissions by 2050. 

2021-04-23 07:26 | CNBC
Op-ed: Germany´s new political star is poised to deliver on Merkel’s original promise

As of 2022, the Greens' Annalena Baerbock is guaranteed to be Germany's most powerful female politician.

2021-04-23 06:07 | CNBC
China could save $1.6 trillion by replacing coal with clean energy, report finds

There's huge economic incentive for China to move away from coal, according to a report by financial analytics company TransitionZero.

2021-04-23 04:49 | CNBC
China's fintech giants are hitting roadblocks in planned listings at home

Financial technology stock listings were explicitly discouraged on Shanghai's STAR Market in a recent regulatory watchdog announcement.

2021-04-23 02:36 | CNBC
Tesla branded as 'arrogant' in China as pressure mounts on the electric carmaker

Tesla has been a poster child for China's efforts to demonstrate it's letting more foreign businesses operate in its market. But with success comes scrutiny.

2021-04-23 02:22 | CNBC
Automakers show off flying cars in Shanghai — but Warren Buffett-backed BYD stays clear

While some businesses see a future for electric cars in the skies, Chinese automaker and battery company BYD is sticking to ground vehicles for now.

2021-04-23 02:20 | CNBC
China's best-selling, GM-backed electric car brand launches a mini convertible

The electric car is the latest from the popular Hongguang Mini EV line developed by GM's joint venture with Wuling Motors and state-owned SAIC Motor.

2021-04-23 00:58 | CNBC
Surging Covid cases globally send medical supplier stocks higher in Singapore

The Singapore-listed shares of Top Glove, the world's largest medical glove maker, have risen 18.4% so far this month.

2021-04-23 00:29 | CNBC
Here’s what countries pledged on climate change at Biden’s global summit

The pledges by U.S. allies and adversaries at the global climate summit come shortly after Biden vowed to reduce U.S. emissions by at least 50% by 2030.

2021-04-22 23:54 | CNBC
Tesla cars can drive with nobody in the driver's seat, Consumer Reports engineers find

Consumer Reports said Thursday that in testing this week it found it could "easily" get a 2020 Tesla Model Y to drive "even with no one in the driver's seat."

2021-04-22 22:35 | CNBC
Biden to propose capital gains tax of 39.6% to fund education and child care, reports say

Biden will seek an increase in the tax on capital gains to 39.6% for those Americans earning more than $1 million, according to reports.

2021-04-22 22:09 | CNBC
Top U.S. general in Middle East worried about potential collapse of Afghan military after troop withdrawal

Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, is concerned that the Afghan military will collapse after American and other foreign troops leave.

2021-04-22 22:09 | CNBC
Senators push to secure U.S. drug supply chain after disruptions during Covid-19 pandemic

The U.S. faced shortages for drugs used to treat Covid-19 patients during the pandemic as demand surged but supply.

2021-04-22 22:06 | CNBC
Intel revenue and profit drop slightly from last year

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced earlier this month that the company plans to invest $20 billion in new microchip manufacturing plants.

2021-04-22 20:55 | CNBC
Shortage of semiconductors, dubbed the 'new oil,' could dent GDP growth, boost inflation

Economic growth could slow, and inflation is likely to see at least a momentary bump higher as the semiconductor shortage escalates, economists say.

2021-04-22 20:20 | CNBC
Dow closes more than 300 points lower following reports of Biden eyeing capital gains tax hike

Growth stocks, which could come under selling pressure on higher capital gains taxes, led the intraday decline on Thursday.

2021-04-22 19:22 | CNBC
China's Xi calls for international collaboration to reduce global carbon emissions at U.S.-led summit

Xi's remarks followed opening remarks from U.S. President Joe Biden and his administration, and the U.N. secretary general.

2021-04-22 19:21 | CNBC
Apple's $29 AirTag is a coin-sized tracker that helps you find lost things — here's how it works

CNBC's Todd Haselton tries out Apple's AirTag, a metal tracker you can attach to your items to keep track of them.

2021-04-22 18:47 | CNBC
New Covid variant detected at Texas A&M lab shows signs of antibody resistance and more severe illness in young people

Scientists at Texas A&M say they've detected a new Covid-19 variant that shows signs of causing more severe illness and appears to be resistant to antibodies.

2021-04-22 15:33 | CNBC
Rich countries are refusing to waive the rights on Covid vaccines as global cases hit record levels

The landmark proposal, which was jointly submitted by India and South Africa in October, has been backed by more than 100 mostly developing countries

2021-04-22 14:44 | CNBC
European Super League: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says plans are not 'dead' despite withdrawals

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insists the European Super League is not "dead."

2021-04-22 09:58 | CNBC
Credit Suisse says this could be the beginning of a 'multi-decade' opportunity for clean energy

Phineas Glover of Credit Suisse says countries that have set targets to reach carbon neutrality now account for more than 60% of emissions.