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Updated: 2021-04-23 10:18

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2021-04-23 09:51 | CNN
How JPMorgan Chase got European football so wrong

When JPMorgan Chase agreed to finance a breakaway competition of some of the world's richest soccer clubs, it expected some heated discussions.

2021-04-23 01:54 | CNN
Urgent action on Myanmar is needed but engaging the junta at the Southeast Asian leaders meeting is a risky gamble

The international community is putting its hopes on a meeting between Southeast Asian leaders this weekend to reach a breakthrough on stopping the violence in Myanmar, as the country's ruling military junta continues its brutal and bloody suppression of ...

2021-04-22 23:45 | CNN
Russia orders troops back to base after massive buildup near Ukraine border

Russia ordered its top military brass to return troops to their permanent bases from Friday, saying it had concluded a "snap inspection" of its forces in the country's east and west, near the Ukrainian border.

2021-04-22 23:23 | CNN
Senior general says US will maintain ability to launch air strikes in Afghanistan following troop withdrawal

The senior US general responsible for US troops in the Middle East made clear Thursday that the US intends to maintain military influence and the ability to carry out air strikes in Afghanistan after American and NATO troops are withdrawn from the country ...

2021-04-22 08:50 | CNN
Brazil says it's ready to end deforestation in Amazon. But there's a price tag

As the Biden climate summit gets underway, there is growing focus on Brazil -- a notorious offender of deforestation since Bolsonaro was elected. Now the Brazilian government says it's re-committed to ending illegal logging but wants financial support to speed...